4 Questions to ask your Dentist at your Next Visit

questions to ask at next dental visit

questions to ask at next dental visitServing patients of Erwin, Jonesborough, and Greeneville TN

The perfect time to ask questions or address concerns about your oral health is to speak with your dentist at your next dental appointment. Unfortunately, a lot of questions are forgotten due to fear, embarrassment, or simply being distracted by other things going on around you. However, it is critical that you ask questions about your oral care to make sure that you are properly taking care of your teeth. Below are a few questions we recommend you ask your dental care provider the next time you see your general dentist in Greeneville.

  1. How can I improve my oral care routine at home?

Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day. If you have experienced more challenging dental issues, your oral health may benefit from brushing, flossing, and regularly rinsing throughout the day, particularly after consuming sugary or sticky foods to prevent the buildup of plaque and the growth of bacteria. One key element to your dental care is to frequently replace your toothbrush as they wear down and lose their effectiveness. With normal oral care, your toothbrush, no matter if you prefer manual or electric, should be replaced every 3 to 4 months, or after a bout of sickness. It can be a good idea to place a reminder on your calendar to switch out the family’s toothbrushes.

  1. What causes sensitive teeth?

You take a sip of your morning coffee, and suddenly you have a sharp, shooting pain in your mouth. Tooth sensitivity is a common problem created from cavities, cracked teeth, receding gums, and damaged enamel. Most of these tooth-related issues are directly related to your diet and brushing habits. If you are brushing with a hard-bristled brush or applying too much pressure to your teeth and gums while brushing, you can cause tooth sensitivity. Therefore, to help with sensitive teeth, it is recommended that you use a toothpaste that is formulated for sensitivity, and it will help relieve some discomfort. If you still experience tooth sensitivity or pain, it is important that you see your dentist so you can determine other potential underlying causes of your discomfort.

  1. What are the warning signs of gum disease?

Most patients are aware of gum disease, but they do not understand the disease nor the warning signs of the onset of the disease. Typically, most people notice persistent bad breath, which is caused by bacteria that also produce red, inflamed, or tender gums. In addition, bleeding around your gums while brushing and flossing are other signs of a problem. If you have problems with your bite pattern or tooth alignment, your teeth could be loose or separating due to gum disease. When you have sensitive teeth or see blood when brushing your teeth, it is critical that you schedule an appointment with Tusculum Dental Care so we can help you correct and potentially reverse any gum damage.

  1. How can I improve my smile?

One of the most common concerns of patients is how to improve their smile. After all, it can give you a confidence boost and contribute to your overall health. When you visit Tusculum Dental Care, we can discuss additional cosmetic dental procedures including crowns, dental implants, veneers, and Invisalign treatment that will help you improve your smile. We will find the best solution that works for your dental needs.

Your oral health is critical to your overall health. That’s why Tusculum Dental Care takes pride in helping you achieve your best smile. The next time you visit our office, feel free to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have regarding your oral health. To schedule your appointment today, feel free to call us and at 423-639-7575. We provide complete oral care to the areas of Greeneville, Jonesborough, and Erwin, Tennessee.